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Book 3 of the Alex Crocker Series

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“Should I have a t-shirt made: short, sassy, and destined to die young?” Alex asks the Regan.

“We all die,” Darian answers, “because thats part of life—not because some fool writing a prophecy decides he’ll be taken more seriously if he predicts impending doom.”

As a Seer in a city brimming with vampires who react rather violently to having their emotions manipulated, Alex has had enough of doom and death. She’s earned her happily-ever-after—or at least the small respite of mating Markus and officially becoming a member of the Rectinatti coven.

But the Vengatti and their Regan, Leonce, don’t do happy endings. And they certainly don’t approve of Alex’s attempts to unite the two opposing sides. Then again, neither do most of her so-called allies.

If Alex wants to survive to see her already postponed honeymoon, she needs to convince both covens that good and evil aren’t a birthright. They’re a choice. Just as the prophecy is not her destiny. It’s her decision.

This is final book of The Alex Crocker Series, which begins with Unforeseen and Unveiled

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