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There's always another story to tell...even if there's never enough time to write it!

In addition to my adult urban fantasy series, The Alex Crocker Seer series, I've also been writing some short stories, dabbling with an idea for a romantic comedy (based loosely on my own misadventures in dating), and planning not one, but two potential young adult fantasy series. So why has this page remained neglected for so long? Simply because any extra time I've had, I've spent working on these other projects, rather than writing about them. 

Short fiction:
"Apply Liberally" is now available. It's a short and sweet chick lit piece about a single teacher on the first day of summer vacation. It's not autobiographical, but I wish it were! I might need to spend more time trolling the aisles of CVS this summer...


Young Adult:
I teach middle school, so September through June my world is YA. I read their books, watch their television shows (yup, Pretty Little Liars fan here), and listen to their stories. It was inevitable that I wrote about kids their age.

Ever since finishing Unforeseen I've regretted that it wasn't quite appropriate to share with my students. It’s hard to tell them I’m a writer and in the same breath have to tell them they can’t read what I’ve written. I love and appreciate their excitement when they learn their teacher is an author and hate squelching that by having to say, “You can read it when you’re older.” So I’m excited to be writing a YA novel that they will hopefully be able to read and enjoy sooner, rather than later. For more, see the All That Glitters page.

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